CC Century Pro Cue Towel

CC Century Pro Cue Towel effectively removes grease and sweat, and it also gently polishes your cue for a silky-smooth playing feel.

Features and Specs

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CC Century Pro Cue Towel

Introducing the CC Century Pro Cue Towel: Your Essential Cue Care Companion!

Experience the ultimate cue care with our innovative double-sided design. Not only does it effectively remove grease and sweat, but it also gently polishes your cue for a silky-smooth playing feel. Compact and lightweight, it easily fits into any cue case for on-the-go convenience.

Why Choose Century Pro Cue Towel?

  •  Innovative double-sided design
  •  Removes grease and sweat effectively
  •  Gentle on cue grain
  •  Polishes for a silky finish
  •  Portable and lightweight
  •  Suitable for any playing cue

How to Use:

Use the smooth side to remove sweat and grime, then flip to the rough side for polishing and finishing.

Washing Instructions:

Hand wash with cold water and no detergent, or machine wash at a maximum of 30 degrees. Air dry for best results.

Enhance your cue’s performance and prolong its lifespan with Century Pro Cue Towel. Order now and elevate your game!

Whats in the box?

  • 1 x Cue Towel



Tip Size

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