Thurstons Legacy Pool Cue & Bag Combo

Thurstons Legacy Pool Cue & Bag Combo is a fantastic cue and bag combination for the aspiring champion pool player.

Features and Specs

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Thurstons Legacy Pool Cue & Bag Combo

A fantastic cue and bag combo for the aspiring professional pool player. Being one of the oldest cue brands, Thurstons is known for using premium, flexible and lively woods. The cue designs are characterized by their classic look.

The 1/2 Canvas Bag perfectly compliments the Thurstons Cue. It makes transporting your cue and protecting from nicks and scratches a breeze.

We threw in a block of chalk for good measure.

Features and Specifications

  • Cue Tip Size: 9mm – 10mm
  • Cue Length: Standard 57”
  • Cue Weight: 17oz–19oz
  • Joint: Quick Release
  • Style: 1/2 Jointed

Thurstons, Union Billiards

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