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Union-Billiards-The Professionals Choice since 1954


The Union Billiards brand has been around since 1954. Our SuperPro cue was the trademark Union Billiards cue in it’s heyday, now considered a true collector’s item.

The new range of Union Billiards products, including our snooker cues and pool cues, are beautifully made with the best woods used, following the tradition of our SuperPro cues.

Our cues and accessories in the Union Billiards range include fun and vibrant designs at very competitive prices.

Hurricane Pool Tables


The Hurricane brand was established in the year 2000 by Union Billiards.

As the name suggests, Hurricane is a fierce and fast competitor in the marketplace, cost-effective and enjoyed by players at all levels.

Our Hurricane home pool tables and coin-operated pool tables are manufactured to the highest quality player standards and includes a range of home tables and coin operated pool tables for entertainment venues.

Our range of cues and accessories are  made from the best woods and materials available. Our designs are fun and vibrant. We offer one of the very best starter to intermediate cue range you will find on the market.

Thurstons Pool Snooker


Thurstons is one of Union Billiards oldest brands.

Thurstons is renowned for manufacturing quality dining pool tables, home pool tables, and club pool tables, including a wide range of player accessories, including our famous pool and snooker cues.

The woods used in our cues are strong, flexible, and lively. The colours and woods used for the butt end is more robust and earthy.

They are fantastic intermediate to professional cues.

fusion pool tables


Union Billiards are the sole agents in SA for FusionTables.

Saluc, whose headquarters are in Callenelle in Belgium, is the world leader in the manufacture of high-quality Fusion dining pool tables under the top-of-the-range global brand ARAMITH®. Saluc is known around the world for its creativity, flexibility and technical expertise in pool and has a unique quality – it knows how to entertain.

A lot of people who like playing pool often like also modern and contemporary design furniture and decorations. For a long time, however, design addicts who like to play pool games never found the table they were looking for: a pool table with a contemporary sleek design offering nice wooden and lacquered finishes. We can assist you to make that dream a reality today!


Century Pro Cue Tips


Union Billiards are the sole agents in SA for the Century Pro Cue Tip.

Many snooker cue tips today are available in a variety of grades; typically, soft, medium and hard. However, within each of these categories it is common for tip characteristics to vary greatly, which inevitably leads to them all playing differently- buying the same grade therefore does not ensure the same playing experience.

Century Pro Cue Tips are different in that it goes through a unique scientific manufacturing process, designed to test and grade cuesport tips. Every Century Pro Cue Tip is therefore guaranteed to provide a consistent playing experience. Mark Selby and 80-90% of the best snooker pros in the world can’t be wrong… give a Century Pro Cue Tip a try and let us know your thoughts. Comes in G1 (soft), G2 (med), G3 (med/hard) and G4 (hard).

peradon cues


Union Billiards are the sole agents in SA for Peradon, Joe Davis, Horace Lindrum and Cannon Cues.

Founded in 1885 Peradon are the oldest cue makers in the world, they were responsible for the introduction and manufacture of the hand spliced cue, setting the standards for others to follow. Any cue that bears the Peradon name is made in England by cue makers who produce cues of the highest of quality, as they have since 1885.


Riley and BCE Cues

Unmatched Excellence in Billiards

Discover the pinnacle of billiards excellence with Riley and BCE Cues. With a rich heritage spanning over a century, these renowned brands are celebrated for their exceptional quality, precision, and craftsmanship. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail and using the finest materials, Riley and BCE cues offer perfect balance, consistency, and a sublime feel in your hands.

Incorporating cutting-edge innovation while upholding tradition, Riley and BCE Cues deliver reduced deflection, increased power, and unrivaled accuracy, meeting the needs of modern players.

Choose from a wide range of cues, from classic to contemporary designs, tailored to your style and preferences.

Trusted by professionals worldwide, Riley and BCE Cues have an enduring reputation for excellence. Elevate your game and make a statement with a cue that stands the test of time.

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Omin cues


Union Billiards are the sole agents in SA for all O’MIN cues and cases.

An O’MIN cue, is not only a weapon, but also a king of spirit, beautifully crafted, masterpiece. The O’MIN spirit never stops exploring and is not afraid of calling challenges from opponents. Every O’MIN cue shows superb craftsmanship.

Rigorous designs with continuously improved manufacturing technology, have made O’MIN one of the most influential cue brands in the world. Find out what the fuss is all about and invest in your first O’MIN cue- Gareth Potts did and see the heights he’s achieved.

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Hainsworth Cloth


Union Billiards are the sole agents in SA for Hainsworth Cloth. We stock Hainsworth Smart and Match Cloth.

Hainsworth boasts a comprehensive range of high quality woollen snooker cloths manufactured in England yet covering the best snooker tables in the world.

It’s the combination of fine wools, research, innovation and dedication to the game that resulted in superb cloth construction that produces fast, durable, high quality cloths with impeccable accuracy, raw speed and ultimate playability – surfaces which professional players prefer, delivering sporting excellence at most major international tournaments.

Hainsworth are proud to provide the only cloth that challenges snooker players to be the best they can be, a cloth that even the professionals must refine their skills to master.

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